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Diana Williams

Diana Williams, DNP-S, FNP-C, is the proud owner and founder of the Strategic Wellness Center and Strategic Medspa. Her mission is to help her clients "Feel good, look good, and do good." Diana's core values stem from her belief in holistic wellness, which goes beyond just medical and aesthetic treatments. She strives to address the root causes of her client's wellness issues, to help them live a fulfilling life. Diana is also a proud mother of three young girls, Everly, Anniston, and Amelia. Together with her husband Allan, she aims to inspire her daughters to grow up to be confident, kind, and faithful young women.

In her pursuit of wellness, Diana has also embraced the joys and health benefits of dancing. She has decided to participate in the Dancing with the Catawba Valley Stars event, because it aims to raise funds for local charities. Diana has chosen the charity Fostering Hope. This partnership is rooted in James 1:27's call to care for one another, where every child is given love and hope, along with the families that care for them. Diana is committed to giving back to the community and making a tangible difference in people's lives. Her efforts to support Fostering Hope embody her philosophy of "doing good," which is at the core of her wellness center and medspa. 

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