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Nathan Ahlgrim

Nathan Ahlgrim, a member of the Good Food Institute, is passionate about promoting a just, sustainable, and secure food system, and helping university students worldwide to create such a system in their communities. Despite the challenges of 2020, Nathan and his wife moved to Hickory, where he discovered DWTCVS, a show that he didn't know he wanted to be a part of until he saw the caliber of the production. Nathan is excited to join the show and use his flair for the dramatic to inspire the community around the love of dance, the awe of spectacle, and the heart of charitable missions.

Nathan is also a supporter of the Olive Branch Ministry, a harm reduction ministry based in Hickory and Gastonia. This organization provides support and love to those struggling with addiction, particularly during the opioid crisis that has affected so many communities. Nathan has seen firsthand how the Olive Branch Ministry's harm reduction approach can help keep individuals safe and on their feet. Although harm reduction is not always discussed, Nathan believes in supporting it wholeheartedly because it is a crucial element in supporting our neighbors, friends, and family who are facing the challenges of addiction.

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