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Sara Wimmer

Sara is a seasoned performer who has traveled all over the country performing on stage and in front of film cameras. However, she is especially excited to be returning to the stage as one of the stars for Catawba County's first ever Dancing with the Stars. Sara has always loved being on stage, sharing her passion with the crowd, and this time, she is thrilled to be participating in an event that raises money for a good cause. Her chosen charity is Abernathy Laurels, where a loved one recently moved into the memory care unit. Sara understands the challenges of caring for someone in a memory care unit, and she wants to get the support they need to make their lives easier. Her goal is to make sure that everyone gets the attention they need, especially those who require extra care and attention. Sara's grandparents always say, "Getting old ain't for the weak," so let's do our part to help those in need and support this important cause.

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